Pros and Cons of Leasing a Car

car leaseLeasing a car is one way of driving a new car now and then without parting with large sums of cash. A lease involves making a down payment to the car followed by monthly payments as required by the contract terms. The vehicle is returned after lease expiry. Down payments are lower than the ones paid for a new car. Despite renting being a cost effective way of having a vehicle, there are other pros and cons attached to it. Read more

How to Know the Value of a Car

yellow carLike many other assets during resale, vehicles’ resale value too is subject to numerous factors that determine the end deal figure. In broad range, make of the car, year of manufacture and model will determine the vehicle cost range it will attract. Other factors can minimize this range and bring out certain prices. Such factors are among the actual condition of the car, color, and service history. It is seemingly unfair that as soon as one drives off from a car dealership, the car is worth less money than what one has just parted with, in fact, a lot less. This is the sad reality of depreciation. Nevertheless, subsequently discussed are ways of determining this loss of value. Read more

Understanding Types of Car Insurance Policies and Coverage

bad day to be a carVirtually in all states, every motorist is required to have at least the minimum levels of auto insurance cover offered within the state. Beyond the minimum, insurance companies offer other packages with loads of additional services attached. Driving without a cover is criminal and attracts very deterrent consequences. Such legal conditions and how people react to it could be likened to the caged bird analogy. Some may view it as caging, having the state impose the need for a cover but the same cage keeps the cat away! Motorists have extensive protection from insurance. Below are some of the policies offered for motor coverage and components attached to each.

Liability coverage

This policy covers a motorist in an event they are involved in an accident as a result of their actions. It insures the cost of repairing any property damages as well as medical implications from injuries following such accident. It is advisable to have the cover with minimum liability covered higher than what one’s state requires, that is if one can afford it. The insurance does not cover any claims above one’s upper coverage limit.

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The Basics of Car Financing- How it Works


car financingYou have done your research, and you have found your dream car. Now it’s time to pay for it. In most cases, paying for the car is the last step, but in the real sense, it should be the first. Finding just the right car can a big challenge, but deciding how to pay it can be a tougher challenge. In this guide, we summarize the payment options available to help car buyer’s weight up on the next step in making payments to vehicles of their choice. Read more

Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car

choosing a carHave you ever wondered why people choose a specific type of car? It can be a SUV, a salon, a station wagon, 4WD, or whichever choice one may opt for.  One of the biggest reasons people buy vehicles they drive is styling. A lot of market research is done to collect information on what people need in a car. This is the information used by motor vehicle companies in making a decision on which cars to make.

Here are top reasons on why people choose specific type of cars when making purchasing decisions. Read more